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There are four main sorts of pesticide that are used in the UK. These are; fungicides that control disease, herbicides that control weeds, insecticides that kill insect pests and growth regulators that prevent plants becoming too tall. When used sensibly in the farming system they provide us with healthy and affordable food and help maintain biodiversity (lots of wildlife) by allowing us to use less land to supply the food we need.

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Doxstar Pro 2lt - Dock herbicide

£65.00 excluding shipping
A concentrated formulation controlling all species of Docks. Use on both grazing and silage ground. Very safe to grass.

Ecosyl 100 (2ltr)

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Ecosyl 100 is ideal for a wide range of crops and ensiling conditions. It has been thoroughly proven to better fermentation and animal performance. One bottle/bag treats 100 tonnes.

Thistlex 3ltr

£119.00 excluding shipping
For the control of Creeping Thistle in Established Grassland. 1 unit = 3 ltr Gets to the root of the problem. It's the solution to long-term control using just one annual treatment. With Thistlex you're not paying for broad spectrum weed activity when you dont need it.

Squire Ultra

£96.00 excluding shipping
Squire Ultra from Interfarm controls docks and some annual broad leaved weeds in grassland. It contains 75% amidosulfuron in a water dispersible granule formulation. Controls both broad and curled leaf docks in rotational and permanent grassland. Doesn’t harm clover. Amidosulfuron, a sulphonylurea herbicide, is fully systemic and slower to act than traditional dock herbicides, moving throughout the weed, especially into the roots resulting in high levels of control