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Bird Scaring Banger Ropes - Double Banger Ropes *Customer Collection Only*

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No of Bangs - 18 bangs per rope Approx 30 mins between bangs Total burn time 6 hours *Customer Collection only*

CropGuard Wind Driven Bird Scarer

£74.99 excluding shipping
Heavy duty, high quality wind driven bird scarer - raising the standard in bird scaring technology!

Farm Assurance TOP UP Pack - SMALL

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SMALL - Farm Assurance Grainstore 'Top Up' Pack. Guide up to 100 acres. 1 x pack each of: AS Insect Bait Traps, Grain Beetle Attractant PTFE solution, Grain Sample Bags

Grain Beetle Attractant

£27.00 excluding shipping
Essential for PC Floor Traps – replace every six weeks of use. Optional for Pitfall Traps – improves trap effectiveness

Hanging Crow Bird Scarer

£20.99 excluding shipping
This replica crow will signal danger to other birds. Initially, birds often approach the corpse but usually leave when they see the unnatural position of the bird.

Insect Bait Traps / 10

£34.00 excluding shipping
For insect detection in grain stores.

Pitfall Cone Traps pack of 10

£47.00 excluding shipping
Pitfall traps highly effective & robust for insect detection in stored grain. Required for ACCS. 1 pack / 2-300 Tonnes.

Pitfall Trap PTFE Solution

£16.00 excluding shipping
Small Bottle To refresh Pitfall Traps that have been in use for more than 2 years, to prevent insect pests from crawling out of traps.

Portek Hawk Eyes Bird Scarer

£31.99 excluding shipping
Portek Hawk Eyes Bird Scarer/ Crop Protection


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A bait station system which allows you to check & refill without handling the station. (145mm x 94mm x 31mm deep). A bait station system which allows you to check & refill without handling the station. (145mm x 94mm x 31mm deep). Please note there is a minimum order of 15 pieces for this product.


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The Romax® Standard bait box is a high quality, tough, injection moulded bait box. Please Note there is a minimum order size of 15 pieces for this product.

Sentinel Silent Birdscarer Replacement Vanes

£30.70 excluding shipping
8 pack of replacement sentinel vanes