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CF Fertilisers

CF Fertilisers at PRAg

CF Fertilisers is the UK’s premier fertiliser manufacturer, aiming to be the first choice for British farmers. 

They make in excess of 1.5 million tonnes per year which equates to 40% of the UK fertiliser needs.  Alongside this sits the production of half a million tonnes of chemicals and the supply of utilities to Teesside businesses. 

Formerly known as GrowHow, since August 2015 CF Fertilisers UK Ltd has been an indirect subsidiary of CF Industries Holdings, Inc., Deerfield, Illinois. 

The iconic blue bags, the symbol of the highest quality best performing fertilisers, remain.  Their signature offering, Nitram®, has been in production for 50 years and has evolved along with our extensive portfolio of products to provide farmers with fertilisers rich in the nutrients they need to increase their yields and grow quality crops.

The CF portfolio of Sulphur containing fertilisers continues to be the industry benchmark, with well known and trusted products like: DoubleTop®SingleTop® and Sulphur Gold®.  These are True Granular Compounds that contain all the required nutrients in each granule, to ensure accurate and even distribution for best performance.

They are proud of their longstanding commitment to fertiliser research and development, particularly focusing on programmes that improve the effectiveness of fertiliser use on farm. These include the well-known N-Min® Nitrogen sampling and recommendation service, provided by a team of on-farm advisers who also help farmers with soil analysis, slurry and forage analysis, and spreader calibration advice.

The success of the R&D programme can also be seen in CF Fertilisers attention to environmental detail. A significant investment programme has, amongst other benefits, resulted in CF now boasting one of the lowest carbon footprints in Europe. This is part of an on-going multi million pound capital expenditure project designed to ensure UK farmers are supplied world class fertiliser products.

Improving the way fertilisers are used on the farm helps both the environment and farm profitability, thereby contributing to the drive for sustainable intensification: producing more, impacting less.

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