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Portek Hawk Eyes Bird Scarer/ Crop Protection

£29.99 excluding shipping
Portek Hawk Eyes Bird Scarer/ Crop Protection

CropGuard Wind Driven Bird Scarer

£66.50 £68.25 excluding shipping
Heavy duty, high quality wind driven bird scarer - raising the standard in bird scaring technology!

Envy 3ltr Herbicide

£58.00 excluding shipping
Envy is the brand new herbicide for use in paddocks & pasture. It is a foliar acting herbicide for the control of thistles, chickweed, buttercups, dandelions & daisy in new & established grassland. This is the best product on the market for controlling Buttercups.

Scatterbird Mk4

£424.25 excluding shipping
This gas gun has been designed and developed to incorporate ALL the features requested by farmers over the past 32 years. The Scatterbird MK4 is the next generation of gas powered bird scarers. Like it’s predecessor, the Scatterbird MK4 is a sturdy, purpose built bird scaring gas gun designed specifically to meet the needs of the farmer. The Scatterbird range has for many years set the industry standard for durability

Hanging Crow Bird Scarer

£18.99 excluding shipping
This replica crow will signal danger to other birds. Initially, birds often approach the corpse but usually leave when they see the unnatural position of the bird.

TerrorKite Bird Scaring Kite

£69.99 £71.99 excluding shipping
Quiet and extremely effective, Terror Kite and Terror Hawk are always on patrol even in the lightest breeze. The reflective eyes, predator colours and constant flashing movements clear the birds. A great team to keep the birds guessing from Portek; the market leaders in bird scaring for 25 years.

Doxstar Pro 2lt - Dock herbicide

From £44.00 excluding shipping
Recommended for use on established grassland. Provides long term control of all species of docks. Controls Docks – Improves Silage 1 unit = 2 ltr

Rosate 20 ltr Herbicide

£75.00 excluding shipping
Rosate 360 TF is ideal for contract spraying or management of large areas. Rosate 360 TF is a soluble liquid concentrate herbicide for the control of most species of emerged annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds.

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