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Insect monitoring

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Insect Bait Traps / 10

£34.00 excluding shipping
For insect detection in grain stores.

K-Obiol (1ltr)

£81.00 excluding shipping
K-Obiol Insecticide. (MAPP 13573) Liquid Grain Protectant for the control of stored product pests.

Pitfall Cone Traps pack of 10

£47.00 excluding shipping
Pitfall traps highly effective & robust for insect detection in stored grain. Required for ACCS. 1 pack / 2-300 Tonnes.

Grain Beetle Attractant

£27.00 excluding shipping
Essential for PC Floor Traps – replace every six weeks of use. Optional for Pitfall Traps – improves trap effectiveness

Pitfall Trap PTFE Solution

£16.00 excluding shipping
Small Bottle To refresh Pitfall Traps that have been in use for more than 2 years, to prevent insect pests from crawling out of traps.