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Herbicides / Weed Killer 

We offer a wide range of weed killer products and professional herbicides. We stock quality brands of weed killer which targets all weeds and grasses, excellent for clearing large areas of unwanted foliage at affordable prices.

Selective weed killers target specific weeds such as docks, thistles, nettles or rush without damaging the surrounding grassland.

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Elliots Organic Based Feed & Weed & Moss Killer 20kg

£20.25 excluding shipping
For lawns and fine turf. 10-4-4+3.5FE

Garlon Ultra 1lt

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Garlon Ultra is a selective herbicide for controlling woody and invasive weeds in amenity grassland areas. It contains Aminopyralid and Triclopyr. For use on: Bramble, gorse, buddleia, broom and Japanese knotweed

Cimarron Herbicide

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Cimarron Herbicide provides broad-spectrum control or suppression of broadleaf weeds and brush in pasture, rangeland and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) areas without harming grasses. Covers 5Ha

Squire Ultra

£96.00 excluding shipping
Squire Ultra from Interfarm controls docks and some annual broad leaved weeds in grassland. It contains 75% amidosulfuron in a water dispersible granule formulation. Controls both broad and curled leaf docks in rotational and permanent grassland. Doesn’t harm clover. Amidosulfuron, a sulphonylurea herbicide, is fully systemic and slower to act than traditional dock herbicides, moving throughout the weed, especially into the roots resulting in high levels of control

TRIAD 37.5g pack (3.75ha)..5 tablets

£61.25 excluding shipping
A selective herbicide for control of broad-leaved weeds. 37.5g