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Equine Grass Seed

Maintaining your paddocks over the course of the year can ensure that paddocks are used in a way that promotes better grass nutrition, weed control and better drainage.  This can lead to a decreased chance of laminitis, a decrease in poaching in winter and the decrease in weeds which, not only takes valuable nutrients out of the grass but can be toxic to both horses and humans.

Timing is key to management but there are several points in year in which to start so contact PRAg today to make sure you are protecting and getting the most out of your paddocks. PRAg only use the highest quality grass seed mixtures and products so you can order from us with confidence.

Spring Paddock Maintenance

Getting your paddocks harrowed is a great way to break up surface soil and even out any bumps on the land. This helps prevent water clogging on the surface, removes any dead grasses and preps the land, ready for fertiliser.

Spring is an excellent time to look at weed control. Weeds are bad news for any paddock and by using a selective weedkiller, weeds can be removed without damaging the grass. Talk to our specialists about the needs of your paddock, and we can recommend the right weedkiller and application for you.

Fertilising your paddocks with the right fertiliser promotes the growth of dense grass which contains the right nutrients for your horses and can help protect against poaching in winter. A soil sample analysis can save time and money and will ensure the right fertilizer is used, especially if paddocks show deficiencies in important nutrients and trace elements.


Autumn Paddock Maintenance

Autumn can the time to look at reseeding areas of your paddock. Ensuring that your paddock is reseeded or overseeded in areas that are prone to poaching. Advice from your agronomist will make sure you are able to protect your paddock against the winter weather. for as long as possible. Reseeding and over-seeding will help keep your paddock in top shape and help maximise potential turnout in winter and help prevent mud fever.

Regular harrowing and poo picking will also help maintain your paddocks. 

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PRAg Supreme Natural Meadow & Laminitics

A specialist high performance equine mixture without any ryegrass content at all, perfect for those equines that are susceptible to Laminitis.