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Agricultural Grass Seed

Agricultural Grass Seed 

PRAg specialise in all types of agricultural grass seed. We are able to provide you with a range of agricultural grass seed mixtures (conventional, organic and amenity) that offer the best characteristics for production and efficiency whilst maximising profits. 

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PRAg HI D Herbal Ley Grass Seed

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The Superb PRAg Herbal Ley exhibits the massive benefits of herbal inclusion: Improves soil structure; Provides essential minerals; Enhanced livestock health benefits; Increased palatability.

PRAg Hi-D Intensive Graze Grass Seed

An exceptionally popular grazing mixture.

PRAg Hi-D Original Grass Seed

Our flagship mixture.

PRAg Hi-D Top Cut Grass Seed

Top cut - does what it says on the bag.

PRAg –Pit Filler Grass Seed Mixture 15kg

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PRAG PIT FILLER Mixture Italian Catchcrop blend(kg) Fast growing short term ley. Versatile mixture. Can be sown in Spring or autumn including after maize. Excellent levels of disease resistance. Ensiles well due to high sugar in first cut.