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Clearway Concentrate Algae Remover (1:5) 5L Cans

£43.00 excluding shipping
Clearway 5 Litre pack Clearway for Paths, Patios & Decking

Doxstar Pro 2lt - Dock herbicide

£67.00 excluding shipping
A concentrated formulation controlling all species of Docks. Use on both grazing and silage ground. Very safe to grass.

Gallup Biograde 360 5L

£65.00 excluding shipping
Treats Driveway Weeds, Garden Weeds, General Weeds, Grasses, Ground Elder, Groundsel, Kills Everything (Except Mare's Tail), Meadow Grass, Nettle, Perennial Weeds.

Monsanto Amenity 360 Weedkiller 5 Litre

£65.00 excluding shipping
Powerful Weed Control Solution - A strong concentrate used for non-selective control of broad-leaved weeds, and annual and perennial grasses. Main Component - Contains 360g/l of glyphosate, which is the active ingredient responsible for weed control. Instructions - Dilute the concentrate at a rate of 25ml per litre of water. Environmentally Friendly Formulation - Clean formula which is broken down in the soil by micro-organisms over a period of 2 weeks.