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Chikara Herbicide 50gm

£111.74 £114.60 excluding shipping
A broad-spectrum herbicide for use in non-crop situations. 1 unit = 50gm Controls a wide range of weeds including broad leaved weeds (e.g. annual sowthistle, black nightshade, dandelion, meadow buttercup, red clover) and grasses (e.g. annual meadow grass, rough meadow grass).

Clinic Ace - 20L (Glyphosate)

£63.38 £65.00 excluding shipping
Active Ingredients: 360g/L glyphosate.

Kerb Granules 7.7kg

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Kerb Granules are pre- or post-emergence residual herbicide for the control of weed grasses in forestry and amenity plantings.