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Cereal, Pulse and Oil Seed

Welcome to the PRAg Direct Cereal, Pulse and Oil Seed section. We provide Spring and Autumn varieties of Cereal, Pulse and Oil Seeds along with seed treatments, nutritional products and insecticides.

As one of the largest traders of cereal seed in West Wales, PRAg supplies both conventional and organic seed varieties with suitable dressings to customers across the UK.

Spring Wheat: Our most popular spring wheat varieties are Tybalt (for excellent resistance to mildew and moderately long straw) and Mulika (for high yield, excellent grain quality and good disease resistance).

Our Winter Wheat favourites are: Cougar (late maturing with the highest untreated yields, moderate straw length excellent disease resistance); for outstanding yield potential we like the record holding KWS Kielder; and Skyfall, the highest yielding bread-wheat that performs well across a range of soil types and rotations.

If you are looking for Spring Barley: then we suggest the ever popular Propino (most widely grown malting barley, with excellent yields and good grain quality) or Westminster (good all-round disease resistance, very high yields and long straw).

Our Winter Barley best-sellers are Volume, (highest UK treated yield with good all-round disease resistance); the reliable Cassia (for high yields, good disease resistance and sound straw); and Florentine, the excellent feed barley choice (good yields, superb standing power, excellent disease and virus resistance). And ask us for more information about Spring Oats, such as Canyon - a high yielding variety, perfect for milling or feed.

You can also consult our in-house agronomists for specific advice on your unique growing situation by calling 01437 781780.