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Organic HI-D Late Header Grass Seed (No Clover)

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Organic HI-D Late Header Grass seed (No Clover)

Organic HI-D Late Header Grass Seed with White Clovers

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Organic HI-D Late Header with White Clovers 10kgs /Acre Pack

PRAg Economy Long Term Dual Ley 5 -7 years

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A mixture with a minimum of 5 to 7 years duration. Fully flexible to both cut and graze, and inclusive of a white clover blend. 13.50kilos/acre pack

Prag Economy Medium Term Ley Grass 3 - 5 year ley

From £44.85
3-5 year cutting and grazing ley with clovers 13kg / acre pack

PRAg Economy Shorter Term 2-3 year Ley

From £36.40 excluding shipping
2-3 year ley without clover mainly for silage with aftermath grazing. 13.00kilos/ acre pack Economy Mixture

PRAg –Pit Filler Grass Mixture 20kg

From £55.00
PRAG PIT FILLER Mixture Italian Catchcrop blend(kg) Fast growing short term ley Versatile mixture Can be sown in Spring or autumn including after maize Excellent levels of disease resistance Ensiles well due to high sugar in first cut

Pro Master 13 Fescue Green

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High quality greens, Tees and Fairways - fescue overseeding

Pro Master 36 Wicket

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Cricket Wicket, Tennis and Tees renovation

Pro Master 45 Tee and Fairway plus

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Tees, Fairways, Cricket outfields and driving ranges

Pro Master 5 Economy Green

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Golf and Bowling Greens This traditional 80:20 mixture offers good results at a reasonable price.

Pro Master 50 High Quality Lawn & Landscape

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If you need a high quality and durable turf make Pro Master 50 your choice. It's fine in appearance and hard wearing with excellent colour. Shade tolerant, low maintenance turf, good disease resistance. Low maintenace costs. Successful mix for private, local authority, housing and industrial developments.

Pro Master 51 Greenscape Hard Wearing Lawn (with Ryegrass)

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Hard Wearing Lawn (with Ryegrass) If you're looking for a general purpose landscaping and lawns make Pro 51 your choice. Hard wearing, establishes quickly. Contains only turf type perennial ryegrass.