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Once you have sampled your soil and determined nutrient deficiencies, you will know which products best suit the needs of your soil.

At PRAg we can supply a range of different lime-based products which can help regulate the acidity (pH) levels of your soil. The expertise within our team will ensure you get the right product for the job. If PRAg has provided you with a nutrient plan after soil testing, then you will know exactly what your soil requires, so they can help you choose the right product according to how you plan to use the land.

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Calcifert Granulated Lime

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1 unit = 600 kg Monitoring the pH of your soil and balancing soil acidity are key to improving crop performance, as low soil pH will reduce crop growth and ultimately yield. Calcifert granulated lime is proven to neutralise soil acidity, improving quality and yield. Suitable for all crops including grassland, cereals, fruit, oilseed rape and even hops. Applied using conventional spreading equipment Cost effective Low application rates Approved for organic farming.

SuperSlag Basic

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FROM £29/tonne (subject to quantity & haulage) Super Slag Basic has similar neutralising properties to that of ground limestone and is applied to the land at a similar rate, appropriate to its pH level. At the maximum recommended rate of 1.5 tonnes/acre, it provides around 38 units of phosphate together with magnesium, manganese, boron and a wide range of trace elements essential for healthy crops and animal wellbeing.

Calcifert Sulphur

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Calcifert Sulphur is a new granulated calcium sulphate product from the makers of Calcifert granulated lime