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Fertiliser & Lime

Fertiliser & Lime

The most valuable resource you have on your farm is soil. All crops will require a balanced diet of essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle. Plant foods can be found in the soil, but there are often insufficient quantities to sustain high crop yields. Soil analysis is a priority in agricultural decision making. The soil sampling allows us to analyse the growth potential (e.g. nutrient composition and acidity level) and to determine deficiencies that need to be addressed. 

PRAg supplies a wide range of fertilisers and can suggest the right product to suit your crop and soil requirements.  Should the pH of your soil be ‘off balance’ then your crops will not be able to reach their full potential. Healthy soil contains earthworms and micro-organisms which allow plants to develop good root systems and draw in the right balance of nutrients from fertiliser or manure. If your soil is acidic, you may need lime. PRAg Agronomists will test your soil and advise the right combination of lime and fertilisers for your unique growing situation.