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Maize Seed

Maize Seed

At PRAg we supply a wide range of Maize Seed varieties for all your forage needs, from Ultra Early to maincrop as well as varieties for grain or BioGas. Please give us a call on 01437 781780 for our best prices.

Our Ultra Early varieties allow growers to achieve successful silage crops in all regions. If you require early maturing plants, then why not try ES Ardent? ES Ardent offers excellent cob ripeness with lots of grain and high starch yield. Our reliable ES Picker is great for marginal areas with a good combination of yield and maturity.

For a high-yielding drought-tolerant variety, try ES Marco which can be used for forage or left for crimping.

If you have good maize-growing land, then look at Dominator, suitable for silage, crimping or growing under plastic; or our new very high-yielding Cathy, for stable yields over 3 contrasting seasons.

For advice on your individual requirements, call one of our agronomists to discuss your needs on 01437 781780.

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Hobbit Maize

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Have you got good maize growing land? Or are you on a marginal site considering growing under plastic? Want to achieve massive DM yields? YOU NEED HOBBIT!

Dutop Maize

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NEW! Are you wanting high yields on good maize fields? Do you need drought tolerance? Want to utilise the full growing season? YOU NEED DUTOP: