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1 unit = 50k pack New forage maize variety with an impressive track record. Early maturing. Leafy, high yielding and bulky. Quick to establish. Produces the biggest cobs and best quality silage.


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1 unit = 1kg A low to medium dry matter variety; high fresh yield, good disease resistance. Dual purpose variety. Purple skin and creamy white flesh. Early to intermediate use. Sowing Rate: 1-2kg/ac Treated with Thiram and Sepiret.


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Want big yields in the clamp? Looking for exceptional digestibility? Need a variety that performs well in drought conditions? YOU NEED DUALTO:


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NEW! Are you wanting high yields on good maize fields? Do you need drought tolerance? Want to utilise the full growing season? YOU NEED DUTOP:

Es Ardent

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In a marginal area? Looking for high yields? Need an exceptionally early maturing plant? YOU NEED ARDENT:

Es Ballade

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Need a variety to perform well whatever the season? YOU NEED BALLADE:

Es Marco

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Looking for big yields? Want 2 true cobs? Need a variety that’s drought tolerant? YOU NEED MARCO:

Es Picker

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In a marginal area? Fed up with producing immature maize? Drilling late?? YOU NEED PICKER:

Gruner Angeliter

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1 unit = 1 kg 2011 Forage Product of the Year! High yielding variety with good winter hardiness and excellent feeding quality with fresh yields 15% higher than Caledonian Kale and 10% higher than Bittern in German trials. Now as equally popular in the UK as its has been in New Zealand for many years. Sowing Rate: 1.5kg/ac untreated


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Have you got good maize growing land? Or are you on a marginal site considering growing under plastic? Want to achieve massive DM yields? YOU NEED HOBBIT:


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Kentauraus sets the standards in ultra early maturity. Boost yields without compromising maturity. Mesurol and Thiram treated. 1 unit = 50k pack

Magnum Force Magna

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Magnum has a consistent root size and reliable high dry matter yields from white roots. It is very palatable with a high proportion of its roots in the ground and due to its high dry matter content it is more frost resistant than other varieties. Higher dry matter fodder beet has been shown to increase milk yield and daily live weight gain. 1 unit = 1 kg