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Boost mixture

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A fast growing, quick to establish, frost hardy crop. Ideal to sow in late summer or early autumn to provide cover that will last throughout the winter. Excellent as a 'rescue' mixture for patching failed crops or when a later sown crop is required.

Four ten mix

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This mixture will provide cover and feed throughout the season. Dwarf Sorghum will provide added warmth and cover below the Maize. Both species have similar husbandry techniques

General Purpose Rearing Pen Mix

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A mixture of species which provides a perfect rearing/ release pen mixture.

Kwik Fix

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This is a flexible cover crop which can be used to patch failed spring game covers.

Late cover mixture

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A rapidly establishing and maturing mixture providing winter cover to the height of 2-3 feet. It is often used as a patching crop where spring crops have failed. This mixture will tolerate drought conditions.

Northern star game mixture

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Northern star game mixture is ideal for use in colder, more exposed areas. This mixture will provide cover and feed as well as being a haven for wildlife throughout the season. The Triticale in the mixture is beneficial where rabbit damage is a potential problem. It is advisable to sow in wide rows to enable birds to have free access.


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A superb combination of winter hardy cover provided by the Kale and high quality feed provided by the Quinoa. This mixture is excellent for holding birds.

Sundown Mixture

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A carefully blended mixture of Game Cover Maize and Sunflowers that combines the fantastic feeding potential of both species. This mixture provides full season cover and feed. It is not recommended for marginal areas.

Traditional Game Cover Mixture

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A traditional mixture of species specially selected for their feed and cover qualities.

Zoom Brassica Mixture

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Zoom is a blend of Winfred Hybrid Brassica and Forage Rape. This is a very vigorous and quick growing mixture which is ideal for replacing failed crops or patching spring sown crops. High seedling vigour gives a reliable establishment of a high leaf to stem ratio crop with carefully selected varieties that have good disease and bolting resistance.