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Tools & Equipment

PRAg can supply all the tools and equipment you need to test your soil, store your grain and protect your crops from birds and pests. Need more detailed advice, check out our services section or call one of our team on 01437 781780.

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1.5m Fiberglass Temperature Probe

£129.00 excluding shipping
1.5m Temperature probe for grain.

2m ETI Temperature Probe & Digital Readout

£172.00 excluding shipping
2.0m Stainless Steel temperature probe with remote readout. Comes with Calibration certificate.

7 ft 7" 'Trouble Shooter' - oilseed Rape

Call for pricing
7ft 7in. "Trouble Shooter" with smaller holes for Oilseed Rape.

Agreto HFM II Haymeter

£266.00 excluding shipping
The Agreto HFM II Haymeter is a professional handheld measuring instrument for determining moisture and temperature of baled hay, straw and haylage. +/-0.8% Accuracy - 3 different lengths - Measures Moisture - Up to 50% 5 Year Warranty

Bird Scaring Banger Ropes - Double Banger Ropes *Customer Collection Only*

Call for pricing
No of Bangs - 18 bangs per rope Approx 30 mins between bangs Total burn time 6 hours *Customer Collection only*

Grain Sample Bags x 200

£12.00 excluding shipping
Self-seal sample bags with 3 write-on strips, for retaining samples at harvest and outgoing loads of grain.

Hanging Crow Bird Scarer

£20.99 excluding shipping
This replica crow will signal danger to other birds. Initially, birds often approach the corpse but usually leave when they see the unnatural position of the bird.

Insect Bait Traps / 10

£34.00 excluding shipping
For insect detection in grain stores.

K-Obiol (1ltr)

£81.00 excluding shipping
K-Obiol Insecticide. (MAPP 13573) Liquid Grain Protectant for the control of stored product pests.

Portek Hawk Eyes Bird Scarer

£31.99 excluding shipping
Portek Hawk Eyes Bird Scarer/ Crop Protection

RGR202 Wireless Rain Gauge

£65.00 excluding shipping
Range up to 30m, inside/outside temp, Memory rainfall in last hour, 24 hours, last 7 days, weeks and months.

Scatterbird Mk4

£433.25 excluding shipping
This gas gun has been designed and developed to incorporate ALL the features requested by farmers over the past 32 years. The Scatterbird MK4 is the next generation of gas powered bird scarers. Like it’s predecessor, the Scatterbird MK4 is a sturdy, purpose built bird scaring gas gun designed specifically to meet the needs of the farmer. The Scatterbird range has for many years set the industry standard for durability