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Tools & Equipment

PRAg can supply all the tools and equipment you need to test your soil, store your grain and protect your crops from birds and pests. Need more detailed advice, check out our services section or call one of our team on 01437 781780.

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Farm Assurance TOP UP Pack - MEDIUM

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MEDIUM Guide up to 500 acres 1 x pack each of: AS Insect Bait Traps, Pitfall Traps, Grain Beetle Attractant, Grain Sample Bags

Farm Assurance TOP UP Pack - SMALL

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SMALL - Farm Assurance Grainstore 'Top Up' Pack. Guide up to 100 acres. 1 x pack each of: AS Insect Bait Traps, Grain Beetle Attractant PTFE solution, Grain Sample Bags

Laser Strike Bird Scaring Torch

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A high quality high-powered rechargeable laser 'weapon' designed to effectively clear crows, pigeons and other birds from crops and other sensitive areas.

Farm Assurance TOP UP Pack - LARGE

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LARGE Guide up to 1000 acres 2 x pack each of: AS Insect Bait Traps, Pitfall Traps, Grain Beetle Attractant, Grain Sample Bags

Sentinel Wind Driven Bird Scarer

£54.99 excluding shipping
The next generation Plated Steel components Replaceable vanes Rust-proof nylon ball bearings Adjustable height

Portek Terror Hawk & Terror Kite Complete Kit

£89.99 £0.01 excluding shipping
Quiet and extremely effective, Terror Kite and Terror Hawk are always on patrol even in the lightest breeze. The reflective eyes, predator colours and constant flashing movements clear the birds. A great team to keep the birds guessing from Portek; the market leaders in bird scaring for 25 years.

Minibatt Sample Harvester

£579.00 excluding shipping
The World’s Smallest Combine Harvester! Minibatt+ is a hand held cordless sample harvester for quick and sample collection in the field.

Culverthorpe 1000 Grain Weight Calculator

£29.50 excluding shipping
For quick field assessment and adjustment of cereal seed rates, when drilling by seeds per square meter.

Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter

£360.00 excluding shipping
A handheld Grinding Type moisture meter, complete with Handle, Cleaning Brushes & Case. Independently checked for us by Openfields Grain Laboratory - Free Calibration Test Certificate included. Our most popular Moisture Meter