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Tools & Equipment

PRAg can supply all the tools and equipment you need to test your soil, store your grain and protect your crops from birds and pests. Need more detailed advice, check out our services section or call one of our team on 01437 781780.

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Sentinel Silent Birdscarer Replacement Vanes

£30.70 excluding shipping
8 pack of replacement sentinel vanes

Sinar 6300 Grain Spear

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"The instrument for total stored crop management"

Skybird rockets - *customer collection only*

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SkyBird bird scaring rockets are designed to clear away birds in response to a very loud bang overhead. *Customer Collection only*

Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter

£470.00 excluding shipping
The Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter is the top of the range model that measures 21 grains and seeds specific to each country.

Farm Assurance 'Deluxe Starter' Pack SPECIAL

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Comprises 1 x 10 Insect Bait Traps + 1 x 10 Pitfall cone traps + 1 x 100 Grain Sample Bags + Grain watch temperature probe

Farm Assurance Starter Pack Basic

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Our Farm Assurance Starter Pack is ideal for 'smaller acreage growers'. Contents 1 x 10 Insect Bait Traps, 1 x 10 Pitfall Cone Traps, 1 x 100 Grain sample Bags 1x Temp. Sensor

Grain Sample Bags x 1000

£36.00 excluding shipping
Self-seal sample bags with 3 write-on strips, for retaining samples at harvest and outgoing loads of grain.

Pitfall Cone Traps pack of 10

£47.00 excluding shipping
Pitfall traps highly effective & robust for insect detection in stored grain. Required for ACCS. 1 pack / 2-300 Tonnes.

Fairweigh Hectolitre Weigher

£65.00 excluding shipping
A handheld balance incorporating a 0.5 Litre measuring cup to fill with grain, and a sliding weight with reading given on a calibrated scale.

Grain Beetle Attractant

£27.00 excluding shipping
Essential for PC Floor Traps – replace every six weeks of use. Optional for Pitfall Traps – improves trap effectiveness

MT - Pro - Grain Moisture Meter

£325.00 excluding shipping
Full range of UK Crops Quick & Easy to Use Accuracy +/- 0.5%

Pitfall Trap PTFE Solution

£16.00 excluding shipping
Small Bottle To refresh Pitfall Traps that have been in use for more than 2 years, to prevent insect pests from crawling out of traps.