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Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest management in agriculture is not simply killing rats in grain stores. With increasing legislation and the effects of climate change, the challenges that face the agricultural industry will continue to develop and it is vital to operate to the highest professional standards with the most effective products.

Speak to PRAg regarding the Pest Control services that we offer in our local area. We have packages to match individual customer needs. We will visit your farm and do all the paperwork. This will help with your Farm/Crop assurance paperwork when that time of year comes around! Call PRAg on 01437 781780.

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Portek Terror Hawk & Terror Kite Complete Kit

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Quiet and extremely effective, Terror Kite and Terror Hawk are always on patrol even in the lightest breeze. The reflective eyes, predator colours and constant flashing movements clear the birds. A great team to keep the birds guessing from Portek; the market leaders in bird scaring for 25 years.

Pest Control

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