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Peas, Beans, Pulses

As one of the largest traders of cereal seed in West Wales, PRAg supplies both conventional and organic seed varieties with suitable dressings to customers across the UK.


Fuego is the number one choice for Spring Bean growers. Agronomically sound, Fuego combines very good standing power with early maturity and good downy mildew resistance. Feugo has excellent quality, producing grain with a high thousand grain weight.

For a Winter Bean variety we suggest Wizard, the UK's No 1 winter variety. Its large grain, pale skin and good all round agronomic characteristics make it popular with growers and end users alike. Accepted for export markets.


Prophet has established itself as the industry standard large blue. Prophet has a good combination of agronomic characters; good standing, long straw and excellent resistance to downy mildew. Prophet seed is quite scarce, so Atlas would be a good alternative. This is also a large blue which produces a consistent coloured sample, high yields similar to Prophet. Good standing ability and excellent disease resistance. 

For up to date prices and availability of other varieties or to consult our in-house agronomists for specific advice on your unique growing situation, please call 01437 781780.