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Nutrient Planning

One of our BASIS and FACTS registered and experienced agronomists will visit and review your land and crops throughout the growing season. Timing of the visits can be aligned to the key stages of the crop growing process.

We provide tailored guidance on the most appropriate and cost effective management of your fields and crops. Our aim is to resolve your issues and improve productivity. Our agronomy recommendations are sent to you by post or e-mail providing you with the cross compliance information you need to ensure you know what to apply, when to apply it and how to apply it.

Fertiliser is expensive, so you should make sure you are applying the right fertiliser at the right rate. We offer a comprehensive Nutrient Planning Service including mapping, soil analysis, slurry or FYM analysis and annual nutrient plan report. PRAg Agronomists will test your soil then recommend and supply a fertiliser that will match the needs of your crops with the fertility of your soil. PRAg offer FACTS qualified advice and a massive choice of products from leading suppliers: BUNNS, YARA, ORIGIN, GROWHOW and FIBROPHOS.