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Pembrokeshire Business Awards -Monday, June 12, 2017
Please vote for PRAg for the Agricultural Business of the Year award at this year’s Pembrokeshire Business Awards 2017
At PRAg we're passionate about grass. It's a huge part of our agronomy business and we love it. Our commitment to providing you with a beautiful, profitable grass sward starts in our trail plots, situated on our farm in West Wales.
Have you assessed your swards for grazing and silage? At PRAg we specialise in maximising the potential from your grass. 2015 will be more important than any other year to get the most Milk and Meat from grass. Is it creeping bent and meadow grass in your silage swards, that's produced the 10.5 ME, increasing your feed costs and reducing milk performance from silage or DLWG in beef and sheep?