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Germinal GB

Germinal GB

Germinal GB loved being British Seed Houses (BSH) but for many practical and business reasons it made great sense to adopt the identity of their parent company, Germinal Holdings Limited.

The Germinal name is also used by other companies in the group - Germinal Ireland, Germinal Seeds New Zealand and now Samuel McCausland Limited has become Germinal NI.  So BSH has become Germinal GB.

Be assured, it is business as usual.  You will find the same friendly people there, the same commitment to quality and good customer service and they continue to be passionate about offering the most innovative products on the market.

They are proud to be a family run business that can trace its roots back to 1825.

They are firmly committed to producing as much grass seed in the UK as possible, thereby maintaining their support for UK farming and keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum.

It is a company with great heritage but at the same time continually looks forward as they bring new ideas as well as new products to market.  

Germinal supplies the Agricultural Merchant Trade with forage crop seeds ranging from market leading Aber® High Sugar Grasses (a world first from the breeding team at IBERS) to forage brassica and other forage crops.

They are the U.K.’s wholesale forage seed experts and have a dedicated merchant support team based both in the office and on the road.  They provide extensive back up to their distributors and aim to lead the sector in technical innovation and practical know how.

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'Bio-Cutting' - Ryegrass and White Clover

From £57.20
Delivery INCLUDED in price. Key strengths: * High cutting yields * Large leaved, high yielding white clover * Persists for 3-5 years * AberHybrid content * Three cuts per year. 1 unit = 14kg = 1 acre

'Bio-Dual' - Ryegrass and White Clover

From £59.20
Key strengths: * One or two cuts followed by grazing * Three to five year ley * High D Value * AberHSG Varieties. 1 unit = 14kg = 1 acre Delivery INCLUDED in price.

'Bio-Pasture' - Ryegrass and White Clover

From £61.20
Key strengths: * Seven years plus * 100% diploids for persistence and ground cover * Suitable for grazing by cattle and sheep * Aber HSG content * Small and medium leaved white clover. 1 unit = 14kg = 1 acre Delivery INCLUDED in price.