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Bayer CropScience

About Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience is the UK’s leading provider of innovative crop protection solutions from seed to harvest and beyond.

Bayer are committed to helping UK farmers provide safe, high quality, affordable food, produced in a sustainable way using less water and energy, whilst promoting biodiversity.

They are passionate about UK farming and its ability to produce food, feed, fibre and fuels, and we take a leadership role in our approach to environmental stewardship.

They are proud of their innovative approach to agriculture; for every £10 in sales of crop protection products, £1 is reinvested in our pursuit of even better products.

They recognise that with leadership comes responsibility; Bayer CropScience is committed to the safe, appropriate and judicious use of pesticides in the environment and is working with farmers, agronomists and wildlife charities here in the UK to reduce the environmental impact of farming.

Likewise, they recognise the need to respond to the twin challenges of a rising population and climate change. The use of crop protection to control pernicious weeds, destructive insects and damaging diseases has a significant positive impact on the amount of food we can produce per field and per drop of water, and to reduce waste post-harvest.

They recognise the importance of implementing their vision of a more sustainable agriculture in Bayer CropScience and are investing in precision farming as well as reducing their own water and carbon footprint. They have nurtured and promoted the biodiversity at our own farms, in a way that can inspire and inform UK farmers, agronomists and other partners in the food supply chain.