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Agronomic Advice

PRAg Agronomists are qualified to advise on all aspects of crop husbandry from crop nutrition to weed control - whether it's maize, barley, fodder beet or wheat - we've looked after 1000's of acres of crops in West Wales.

Let us help you ensure you get the best profit margins from your crops by making the right decisions, including:

  • Timing of nitrogen applications for winter cereals and grassland
  • Weed control in autumn sown grass leys
  • Variety choice for all grasses and fodder crops
  • Most suitable liming products
  • Nutrient content of slurry and FYM
  • Fungicide timing
  • Additive choice - to name but a few...

If you want to grow successful, profitable grassland and arable crops and would like advice and support from the moment you select what you want to grow through to harvest, call us today on 01437 781780.

PRAg can supply all the products recommended to you including wide and competitively priced ranges of:

  • AberHSG Grass Seed Mixtures
  • Cereal and Maize Seeds 
  • Forage Brassica Seeds
  • Fertiliser, Lime (including Ground Limestone, Calcifert and Superslag)
  • Agrochemicals
  • Additives